Episode 3

Ethical Design & Branding with Betsy & Francis

My next guests were an Instagram find of goodness that made me realise there really are good people in this world who are wanting to make a collective change in the way we do things. The further I explored, the more I realised I had found my tribe and this became even more apparent when we finally got the chance to chat and record this interview. We left each other energised and inspired, knowing this wouldn’t be the first or the last time we see each other.

Betsy & Francis is a design agency, founded by Nicole & James, a very happy couple who are committed to giving back to the planet whilst supporting ethical businesses to grow through branding and web design. Originally from Northern Ireland and Manchester, they now call Byron Bay home and create meaningful design for people that they believe in.

About the Podcast

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The Ethical Evolution Podcast
The Ethical Evolution Podcast brings you the stories of ethical business owners, change makers and holistic healers determined to create collective change in the world.

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Bindi Heit

Bindi (Belinda Heit) is an International Spiritual Coach & Mentor, Digital Broadcasting Specialist, Podcast Producer and all round passionate human.

Bindi Heit taps into her decades of demonstrated experience in elevating iconic brands through digital communications, broadcasting mediums of radio, podcast and TV, along with dedicated coaching and mentoring.

Bindi has been on her own healing journey in recent years, finding her self-acceptance and overcoming adversity to inspire others to also be the light that emerges from the darkness.

As CEO & Founder of Ethical Change Agency, Bindi works with ethical business owners, change makers and holistic healers to create collective change and make the world a better place through the power of human connection and purpose.