Episode 48

Ethical Sex & Intimacy with Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

It’s often underestimated how much sex and intimacy play a part in the foundation of who we are and how we function. Countless people experience trauma, abuse, dysmorphia, a lack of acceptance for themselves, their bodies and who they are. There’s an embedded shame and fear that if we speak about sex and intimacy that we will be judged and that what we might be experiencing is wrong and embarrassing.

The truth is that we are not alone and in this episode Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is on a mission to bring the discussions about sex and intimacy out of the darkness and into the light. There are no boundaries, no judgement, no limitations in working with Dr Lori Beth as a psychologist and sex and intimacy coach based in the UK. Since 1987, she has been helping individuals, couples and poly groups explore sexuality, recreate a healthy sexual identity after trauma, as well as deepen their awareness and understanding about intimacy and relationships.

There’s something empowering and freeing when these conversations come out of the dark and into the light, so I hope you find the courage to do the same regardless of your sexuality.

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